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Travel as soon as you retire when you still have the energy to do so

Travel as soon as you retire when you still have the energy to do so

You will agree with me traveling while a senior has attained the age of 70s or 80 may not be an enjoyable simply because this is an age where you just want to rest and let your family members visit you at their own digression. It is very crucial therefore to make sure that you travel as soon as you retire. There are a number of reasons why you need to travel as soon as you retire and not when you have advanced in terms of age.

Traveling as soon you retire ensures that you have enough funds to fund your travel

As soon as you retire, you will have a huge amount of retirement benefits at your disposal and that means that you will be able to finance your journey around the world. However if you wait until it is too late, then you might not enjoy your travels basically because you will not be able to fund your journeys effectively. In that case, just consider working on your travels when you are still young in terms of age. For those who traveled as soon as they retired, they will share their experiences that they did enjoy more at that time because they still had the energy to do so.

Traveling as soon as you retire helps you plan well

Planning might not be easy when you are too old. That means that planning becomes easier. Planning to travel might take a short time basically because you are still energetic. However, as old age starts to set in, planning becomes an uphill task. The reason why you need to plan to travel as soon as you retire is the fact that it will take you a short period of time to pan and traveling won’t be a problem at all. That is right.

You won’t need someone to accompany you when you are still energetic

When you are still energetic, you will realize that the extra expenses associated with paying for the person accompanying you might not be necessary. In other words, seniors should travel early and get 2020 Medicare advantage comparison at soon as they retire basically because you still have what it takes to do things on your own. At the age of 65, seniors can travel the world as singles and no one needs to accompany them. That also means that you will save some money as well.

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Emu Oil Benefits for Elderly

A number of studies suggest that Emu oil which is basically a fat extract from Emu – an Australian bird, offers multiple health advantages to senior citizens. Emu oil can be considered as a natural source of pain relief with strong anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial properties which help rejuvenate your skin and body.

Joint Inflammation Relief

A number of studies have proved that emu oil contains powerful anti-inflammatory elements which can effectively offer relief from arthritis just like the one achieved from ibuprofen. If you or your partner are experiencing pain related to osteoporosis, arthritis, etc., emu oil might be a perfect alternative for you.

Hemorrhoids & Constipation Treatment

blue cross blue shield medicare advantage 2019Hemorrhoids and constipation may occur because of reduced movement or unhealthy eating habits among seniors. Emu oil when consumed orally & applied externally can help ease issues associated with your digestive tract including constipation. The oil can also help enhance the thickening of your skin when you apply it 3 times every day for a minimum of 30 days. Besides, it can also help minimize the odds of bleeding & bruises on the skin.

Relief from chronic wounds and sores

Seniors citizens are much more likely to experience chapped skin because of aging, inadequate water intake & reduced mobility. At times, you could also notice fungal infections & cracked heels on fingers & the toe region. By applying emu oil twice per day, it is possible to get a much-required relief from these issues. The oil can significantly improve bedsores & skin rashes within 2 weeks of regular application.

Elimination of wrinkles

Emu oil can be beneficial in removing wrinkles, damage due to sun rays, age spots, etc. and encourage bright looking skin among seniors. This is mainly because of the deep hydrating properties of the oil which rejuvenate your skin’s outer layers.

Emu oil offers a number of additional health advantages to seniors which includes reduction in headaches due to migraine, bad cholesterol levels, managing nerve pain associated with diabetes, etc.

About Medicare advantage Plans:

Medicare supplemental plans are one of the private insurance coverages aimed towards older adults who’re eligible for Medicare. These plans can benefit seniors who want to minimize their out of pocket expenses not covered under Medicare. If interested, you can contact your local insurance provider to get info on available Medigap plans in your region.

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Importance of Hiking for Senior Citizens

Hiking is among those activities which most enjoy including seniors. But do you know that this activity in addition to being enjoyable can offer plenty of health benefits as well?  Below are some reasons why senior citizens need to take up hiking as one of their exercise routines.

  1. Convenience

A gym membership requires you to attend the exercise session at a specific time & follow the exercises provided for the given set of time. On contrary, seniors can go hiking whenever they want. Also, the activity offers complete independence as it lets you pick the length of your journey along with the intensity as per your liking. Thus, hiking could be as difficult or as easy as you wish since there’s no fitness instructor pushing you to increase your levels of intensity.

  1. Hiking can help tone your body

Walking can tone your legs and buttocks. Nevertheless, picking locations that have obstacles or inclines which need to be climbed over can offer a better exercise. In addition, hiking is unlikely to cause any strain to weight-bearing joints, as opposed to other forms of workouts. To make the activity further enjoyable, you can even carry a bag which contains fluids, snacks, navigational gear, & possibly a camera.  An activity like hiking could further assist elderly maintain proper weight since even 60 minutes of trekking might help you burn over 500 calories.

  1. Encourages the health of your heart

Hiking makes your heart pump blood at a faster rate offering much-required oxygen along with essential nutrients to spread through different tissues, cells, & organs in your body. With regular hiking, it is also possible to reduce the blood pressure in your body by four to ten points while minimizing the odds of diabetes and cardio disease. Studies have also shown that hiking can help boost the level of antioxidants in your body. Antioxidants are required to prevent different diseases in your body, which also includes cancer.

  1. Better mood

Hiking can allow elderly citizens to relish nature by setting aside problems which may create a negative feeling in their mind. It can encourage the production of essential hormones mainly endorphin & adrenaline. Both these hormones play a key role in enhancing your mood, encourage the flow of positive energy & also minimize signs of depression and anger.

About Medigap coverage:

United Healthcare Medicare advantage plans are basically aimed towards seniors who already have Medicare coverage. The coverage can reduce out of pocket costs not included under Basic Medicare. For more info, you can consult with your nearest insurance provider.

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Know the advantages Of Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare supplement plans have always been considered the important aspect of life. It has always been understood to be a wise advantage for the elderly people, r those who frequently require medical aid. The plans act as a bridge between what is covered by the original Medicare and what is left out. In other words, medical plans help in deductibles, coinsurance, and co-payments which are otherwise not covered by general insurance plans.

Advantages of medical supplement plans

  • Protection against large medical bills

When you are covered under original Medicare, it only covers 80% of your medical bills. Medicare supplement plans help in covering the remaining 20% of the medical bills and protect you with maximum coverage. It gives you deductible facilities which are charged year to year and protects you against yearly medical bills.

  • Coverage beyond the states

The Medicare supplement plans 2018 cover all your medical expenses within the states and beyond the boundaries as well. Whether you are travelling to a region in the United States or travelling outside the States, you will get covered by the supplement plan. It also has the flexibility of choosing upon hospitals and doctors beyond boundaries.

  • Guaranteed renewable

Whether you have a short-term health problem or have long-term ailments, you are guaranteed with renewable policies. In simpler terms, the medical supplements help you in renewing the policies year after year till the time you are paying the premiums.

  • Choose your doctor

You can avail the choice of doctors and hospitals that participate in Medicare. There is a frequent list of doctors and hospitals listed by the network from which you may choose your best option. If your doctor is not on the list, you may ask the Medicare Select Policy for up gradation as well.

  • A wide variety of plans

The Medicare supplements are equipped with wide variety of plans to choose from. Whether you are registered under original Medicare or partly under part A or B, you may choose the best suitable plan according to your ailment and medical necessities.

  • Flexibility

Many Medicare supplements provide portability of plans when you switch locations within the State.

  • Free switching in policy

Sometimes you may find some policy not compatible with your requirements. The Medicare plans can be switched with different policy easily. You may also take another policy without dropping the former as well.

  • Standardized by law

The Medicare supplement plans are standardized and abide by States Law. Thus in case you face any legal problems, you may take assistance from the States law.

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Health Advantages of Ginger for Seniors

Ginger is a popular spice that’s is common in all parts of the world. Whether elderly consume foods such as ribs, chicken, or salad which contains ginger, opt for ginger pills or drink a ginger-tea, the spice is likely to offer them a number of health advantages. Experts suggest seniors should add ginger in their day to day diet mainly for the below mentioned reasons:

Relief from digestive issues

A number of seniors suffer from issues with their digestive system including colitis & irritable bowel syndrome. Consuming ginger on a regular basis can help encourage your appetite levels for better digestion of various food items. In addition, ginger packs a number of elements which are likely to make it easier for senior folks to absorb a variety of nutrients from their meals.

Reduced level of inflammation

Older folks who experience pain due to inflammation will be able to find relief by drinking ginger-rich tea or consuming the spice in capsule form. Experts also suggest ginger for people who’re suffering from osteoarthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis as it’s likely to minimize any inflammation which the person might experience every now and then.

Prevention of Nausea

At times, a health issue such as migraine, or even long car rides might trigger the symptoms of nausea among seniors. With ginger, prevention of nausea is very much possible and you won’t even need to take any OTC medicines or prescription drugs to eliminate the problem.

Relief from heartburn

Heartburn mainly occurs as a result of acid reflux that can affect a number of seniors. Instead of depending on medications for getting relief from issues like heartburn, it would be wise to try ginger. The spice can be effective in eliminating the bacteria which causes heartburn.

Loss of unnecessary weight

Seniors battling with increased weight must definitely try consuming ginger often. You can find ginger in most supplements associated with weight loss. Furthermore, it can help boost metabolism in your body that allows burning of calories resulting in the loss of weight.

About Medicare Supplement Plans:

Supplemental plans are ideal if you wish to cover the gaps present within Original Medicare. With a Medigap coverage, seniors can cover the remaining 20 percent costs of services approved by Medicare. Thus, if you are searching for a plan which can go parallel with your Medicare, Supplemental Coverage might just be the right choice for you.

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All you need to know about Medicare Supplement Plans

About the plans:

Are you among those individuals who visit their doctor or health specialist quite frequently? If it is true, you may need to understand that Medicare Part A, as well as Part B, accompany affordable costs that you need to pay on your health.  Medicare Supplement, also known as Medigap, plans fill in all the areas left uncovered by Original Medicare plan, Part A and Part B, for example, deductibles, copayments & coinsurance.

In 47 states of the USA, there are 10 institutionalized Medicare Supplement plans that are denoted by the letters A to N, however the plans E,I,J and H are no longer available. The private insurance agencies offering these plans don’t really provides each Medicare Supplement policy / plan, yet they always offer Plan A. On the off chance that an insurance agency offers any Medicare Supplement plan along with the Plan A then it must offer either Plan C or Plan F alongside some other institutionalized Medicare Supplement plan that it offers.

Their coverage:

Every Medicare Supplement policy/plan offers an alternate coverage, however, each lettered policy incorporate the same institutionalized advantages no matter that insurance agency and area it is. For instance, Medicare Supplement Plan G in Florida incorporates the similar advantages from Plan G in North Dakota. But, if you live in Massachusetts, Wisconsin or Minnesota then your Medicare Supplement protection alternatives are not quite the same as in the other areas of the nation. Medicare Supplement plans don’t really cover long-term, vision, dental, or hearing devices, yet all plans must cover the following things:

  • Medicare Part A coinsurance costs up to an extra 365 days after Medicare benefits are depleted
  • Medicare Part A hospice care copayments or coinsurance.
  • Medicare Part B copayments or coinsurance
  • Initial three pints of blood utilized as a part of a medicinal procedure

A few plans incorporate extra coverage. For instance, Medicare Supplement Plan F, the best institutionalized Medigap plans, conveys the following extra advantages:

  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Skilled Nursing Facility care coinsurance
  • Medicare Part B deductible
  • Medicare Part B preventive care coinsurance
  • Medicare Part B excess charges
  • Foreign medical care

Medicare Supplement plans cost:

All the private insurance agencies offer similar advantages for each similar lettered plan but, they can charge higher premiums for the coverage. You should need to look around to discover a Medicare Supplement plan that fits both your medical as well as financial requirements.

Their eligibility:

To be qualified to select in a Aetna Medicare supplement plans, you should be enlisted in both Medicare Part A as well as Part B. A perfect time to enlist in any such plan is for the most part amid the Medigap Open Enrollment Period, which starts on the exact day of the month when you are age 65 or older and you are selected in Part B, and lasts for a half year.

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Foods and Drinks that can Fight Common Flu in Seniors

A number of foods & beverages can help the elderly improve their immune system to battle flu. Adding a few of these into their regular diet might help them speed up the recovery process.

Foods & beverages which can help the elderly fight common flu:

  1. Cultured Dairy Items

Cultured milk, which is also mentioned as kefir in addition to yogurt are a rich source of probiotics – a type of bacteria which help you fight various diseases. Both these items can encourage your immunity by increasing the levels of acidity within your gastrointestinal system. The process creates an environment that helps get rid of bad microorganisms in your body.

  1. Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup is one of the most favored foods during the winter season when flu and cold are most common. The soup contains carnosine – a type of compound that helps your immune system fight harmful bacteria & viruses.

  1. Tea

Teas especially green and black tea includes different compounds which help ease the symptoms of flu and cold. The chemicals include L-theanine – a type of the amino acid & an antioxidant named quercetin. Both these teas can help ease respiratory & nasal congestion in seniors.

  1. Vitamin A

Corn, apricots, cantaloupe, and carrots along with other orange or yellow colored fruits are an ideal source of this vitamin. Vitamin A is essential for seniors as it encourages the production of white blood cells in your body that are vital for a stronger immune system.

  1. Vitamin D

Cereals & fortified dairy items can be ideal in order to increase the amount of vitamin D in your body when it’s too difficult to get the vitamin from the sun rays.  Vitamin D promotes anti-microbial chains of peptide inside the body cells which are known to fight infections. Some researchers also believe that reduced levels of vitamin D during winter season might be the cause of higher cases of flu & cold.

  1. Zinc

The human body is not able to store zinc for an extended period of time. As a result, it is crucial for senior citizens to make sure that their body receives a continues supply of zinc on a daily basis. Some foods which contain an adequate amount of zinc include crab, pork, almonds, chicken, shellfish, & cashews. Zinc is another important mineral which helps boost your immunity levels.

About Medigap Plans:

If you’re finding it tough to pay for expenses which your Medicare program doesn’t cover, we highly suggest you check out Medicare Supplement Plans. Provided by private insurance providers, they can help you cover the out of pocket associated with your Medicare-approved services.

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Best Free Applications for Seniors (Android and iOS)

The present-day high-tech marketplace is mainly oriented towards kids, teenagers, and younger adults. Still, you can find enough apps which can be used by people of all ages & might even help seniors enhance their lifestyle.  Today, senior citizens have all sorts of gadgets. They understand the best way to use them, as well as apply the newly developed technology in daily life. Get a 2019 medicare advantage plan quote at

Below, you can find our list for the top 4 Free Apps for Seniors:

  1. WebMD app

No application can ever substitute the service provided by an experienced doctor. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for quick information in regards to any specific medical issue, WebMD can be an ideal application for you.  It lets users ask questions as well as offers relevant blog posts written by experts to answer their queries. Besides, it also packs a number of other features, for instance, Pill Identifier Tool, Symptom Checker, Localized Health Listing, etc.

  1. Mint

Mint application easily allows you to manage your finances. You could use this application to link the bank accounts, credit/debit cards, bills to easily set-up your budget, track your daily spending, review your investments, pay various bills, etc. Besides, the application scans through numerous offers to suggest different ways for helping you save some cash taking into account your lifestyle & goals.

  1. Kindle

The application makes reading a breeze in addition to making sure you stay updated with the current happenings by putting plenty of periodicals & books at your finger-tips. The app also lets the user customize their reading style by changing font background, size, color shades, etc. as per their preference.

  1. Lumosity

This application is a collaboration of scientists & game developers. It features various cognitive games which are intended to enhance your memory, concentration as well as the ability to solve problems. The application requires the user to take an initial test in order to check their baseline performance after which you’re able to get started with day to day challenges. While completing your brain exercises each day, the application will provide you info in regards to your performance each day.

About Medigap Coverage for seniors above 65:

Medicare supplement plans have become quite popular in the past few years mainly because they cover the gaps within Traditional Medicare Policy allowing you to cover 100 percent of costs on your Medicare-approved services. So, we highly suggest them to seniors who’re looking for a supplemental coverage that can go alongside their Medicare policy.

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Is Medigap Worth It?

The goal is to remain healthy and live more, isn’t that so? What does that mean as far as a lifetime of medicinal expenses? The better we are at living longer, the more we wind up spending on health care.  In the event that you are not kidding about designing your most ideal retirement, planning for preventive care and getting ready for significant medical costs are crucial. It’s not too different to purchasing an auto or property insurance. We as a whole expectation that we never need to utilize insurance, however we’re shielded from pulverizing obligation to be erring on the side of caution.

What Can You Expect from Medicare?

To start with, know that Medicare does not cover each therapeutic administration, and it doesn’t pay for 100 percent of numerous administrations that it covers. Part A deals with home health care, hospice, hospital and gifted nursing care. You have to meet a $1,100 deductible for each disease before your Part A coverage will start. From that point onward, Part A pays will cover your hospitalization charges for the initial 60 days, yet it pays for a bit of every day cost beginning on the 61st day.

Part B handles specialist administrations, and different administrations that are not covered under Part A. After you have met the $155 yearly deductible, Part B will pay 80 percent of Medicare’s pre-endorsed amount. You’re in charge of the other 20 percent, and for any amount your specialist charges that surpasses the pre-affirmed amount.

What Can You Expect from Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Medicare Supplement Insurance, otherwise called Medigap, offers you 10 different plans to cover the holes in Medicare in ways that best fit your situation. That is critical so you can get the coverage you require without paying for benefits you needn’t bother with.

Find free quotes

Nine Medigap plans will pay for that $1,100 Part A deductible and numerous similar payments for the $155 Part B deductible. All Medigap plans will pay your coinsurance amount for hospital charges after the 60th day, and they likewise pay for the aggregate Medicare repayment amount for an extra 365 days for each lifetime.

Promptly following hospitalization, Part A will likewise pay for 20 days in a gifted nursing facility to help with rehab and recovering your quality so you can care for yourself when you return home. In the event that you require over 20 days, you have to pay for part of the day by day costs, which is known as a coinsurance amount. Eight of the Medigap plans pay for that coinsurance amount that you’re charged following 20 days.

Two Medigap plans cover your yearly Part B deductible of $155 for specialist administrations. This deductible has been expanding every year so Medigap pays for 100 percent of Medicare deductibles for any given year.  Indeed, even after you pay the Part B deductible, you’re covered for 80 percent of Medicare’s pre-approved amount. At the point when specialists don’t accept that Medicare-approved amount, they charge you for the difference between what Medicare will pay and what they can charge. As we know, specialists charge extraordinary amounts for the same procedure. Medigap Plan F pays for 100 percent of all these overabundance charges. That can extremely remove your of-the-pocket charges! For a somewhat lower premium, Plan G pays for 80 percent of the specialist’s excess charges.

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